Sally H – Oregon

Hi guys! I met you in June at Aroma Share in Utah. You did the balance test on me, my husband, and daughter and son-in-law. I bought the rosary anklet (bracelet w/cross) and bought my husband a black band. Prior to wearing my bracelet, I couldn’t sleep in a bed due to lower back issues. In April, I spent two weeks in a hotel and my back was killing me. Then, in June we were off to Utah and another week in a hotel. I have had my bracelet on since June. I can’t believe how wonderful my back has been. After putting it on in Utah I slept in a hotel bed with no pain! The last trip we took to Oregon two weeks ago was a success! Two different beds in one week. I’m A-OK! Back doing great! I’m never taking my bracelet off! I’ve done the balance test on a few friends and they have been amazed. My friend bought her first bracelet and is back for another! I don’t understand fully how frequency works, but it does! Definitely a skeptic turned believer! 08/01/2017

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