Exciting things are happening!

It has been four months since LIFE Designs opened its doors. Just like any new business, these past four months have been filled with so much learning and excitement! The testimonials that have come back to us have been incredible. Jewelry imprinted with 7.83 Hz…I know…sounds a little out there. However, so does taking a picture on our cell phones and texting it to someone halfway around the world. When we think of the capability of doing that…it really is a little mind boggling. The only difference is that most of us have taken a picture and texted it to someone. We have experienced it…and it worked, so we beleive and no longer question it. The same thing is starting to happen with LIFE Designs frequency bracelets. People are experiencing what can happen when they wear a piece of jewelry that has been imprinted with 7.83HZ frequency. We have had people tell us that within minutes their back pain was gone…their knee pain was no longer…their sore shoulder wasn’t hurting anymore. The testimonials have been incredible.

So…what exactly is happening when you put a piece of LIFE Designs jewelry on your arm? In order to explain this, I need to share how the earth and our electrical bodies communicate with one another. Everything in our body is electrical first, chemical second. We know that the earth maintains a negative electrical potential on its surface. When we are in direct contact with the ground, we absorb electrons that help neutralize the free radicals in our body that damage our cells. Being in direct contact with the earth grounds your body. When we are grounded, our bodies are resonating ot 7.83 HZ. When we are in contact with the earth, our bodies are stable. The body can now operate at its optimum efficiency, therefore reducing inflammation, pain, and stress. It helps enhance circulation. With increased circulation you now have more energy, more nutrients and are carrying away more waste. Improved sleep is another major benefit from being grounded. Research has shown the moment you consistently sleep connected to the earth, grounded, your cortisol levels come into perfect rhythm. Your brain can now send messages to all parts of your body without being interrupted.

Modern life has completely separated us from the earth. Today, we are surrounded by all kinds of household electrical appliances, cell phones, computers, fitbits, etc. Whenever these appliances are operated using electricity, they produce electromagnetic waves (EMF). These waves always disrupt our biological electrial currents and may damage our physical health. There is so much research out there on the damaging effects of electromagnetic frequencies on our personal electromagnetic fields. So, back to LIFE Designs jewelry…introducing frequency nutrition. Once this jewelry comes into contact with your skin, it is now resonating with the water in your body and you are now grounded. This allows all of the negative EMF to flow freely through your body without causing damage. It is time for you to get grounded and feel all the health benefits that are waiting for you! We are so excited to continue to offer this new class of health related products. Stay tuned for future vendor events the LIFE Designs will be participating in!!

5 thoughts on “Exciting things are happening!

  1. Susan forkner says:

    Went to a vendor fair in Des Moines yesterday. First one i visited with was Karen with Life Designs. Had some knee pain going on. She out a patch on me and a bracelet. I walked around and it wasn’t long there was no pain! I slept like a baby and ready for a new day pain free and more energy! My friend bought one also and she is saying the say things!

  2. Susan says:

    I would love to try this. Is it something you have to wear all the time and forever? Or does your body work on healing itself and eventually you can quit wearing the jewelry after awhile? Do you wear it constantly day and night or do you take it off at night?

    • Karen Olejniczak says:

      Susan, Yes, it is something you would wear at all times…or as much as possible. I will contact you and share more.

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