WHY LIFE Designs?

In the modern world we live in today, not only have we become more disconnected from the earth, disconnecting us from the natural ground sources, but we are inundated with massive amounts of electro-smog.  This electro-pollution can’t be seen, heard, touched, tasted, or smelled, but it is surrounding us in our homes, at school, and in our work places.  This pollution is also referred to as EMF (electro-magnetic fields).  It is caused by cell phones, laptop computers, microwaves, radios, lights, WiFi, fitness bracelets, power lines, etc.  Each one of these foreign frequencies interrupt the signals in your brain as it is trying to send messages (and energy) to all parts of your body.  This is possibly one reason…or the reason we feel weaker, unbalanced and more fatigued than normal.  

Our bodies are made of water, nutrients, and electricity.  Many of us are well versed on the first two areas, but not so much the third.  Electrical?  Yes, our bodies are primarily electrical.    We can drink as much water as we want…and the kind of water we want to maintain proper hydration in our body.    We have control over what foods we put in our bodies…the kind of food we choose to put in our bodies…and how much food, etc.  The one thing we are not able to do is hook up to a battery and “recharge” our bioelectrical system.  The movement of nutrients and water into the cells is regulated by electric fields, and each type of cell has a frequency range in which it operates.  So…disconnected from our grounding source…completely submerged in electro-smog…what does this do to the body?  CHAOS! 

What if there was a way to keep our bodies grounded and at the same time free us from the EMF chaos all around us?  How would we feel if the cells in our body were communicating with one another and working together without all the interruptions?  LIFE Designs thinks there is a way.

The crazy part of this…although it may be the first time you have heard of such a thing, it is NOT new to the field of science or to homeopathy, dating back the 1790’s with German medical doctor Samuel Hahnemann.

How does it work?

LIFE Designs jewelry is imprinted with 7.83 Hz.  When the frequency technology comes into contact with your skin, through the water in your body, it is believed you are now resonating the same as the earth’s frequency, which is 7.83Hz.  Thus the body can operate at its optimum efficiency and all signals are clear and are being sent properly.  Hippocrates was often referred to as the “Father of Medicine.”  He came to the realization that the body has an unbelievable capacity to correct itself.  “The body is vitalistic—having the ability to move toward wellness—no matter what the circumstance.” It does its best to correct the problem.  Once your body is utilizing its own energy it will reduce or eliminate body pain, regain your natural strength and balance, give your more energy, helps you heal faster, and aids in your quality of sleep.  This will allow your body to completely ignore the thousands of EMF frequencies and let them pass through harmlessly.  We believe God created our bodies with the ability to heal themselves.  When resonating at the same frequency of planet earth…7.83Hz…which we see as God’s frequency…we have heard countless testimonials of how people’s pain has gone away…they feel more energized, and are sleeping better.  Some people have felt stronger and more balanced.  We are continuously in awe every time someone calls to share a testimony, are am excited to see what this great line of imprinted jewelry can do for you!

We are not here to prescribe, diagnose, or treat any symptom.We are not claiming to heal any type of physical ailment.Always check with your physician in regard to any medical condition.We are here to offer an alternative to people who are open and ready to try something different.