Cindy – Oregon

Hi Karen, I heard about the Life Designs bracelets from my friend, so I went online and purchased the silicone bracelet. I put it on immediately while we were in the process of moving. What a difference! My back didn’t hurt (I have back issues) and my knees were pain free as well. I was lifting heavy objects that would normally put me out of commission for a couple of days, but with the bracelet on my wrist there were no problems! I am amazed! Now I’m telling my family about it and sending the tattoo patches so they can try it. I highly recommend this product. 08/01/2017

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  1. AR says:

    I have had pain and swelling in my ankle and knee for quite some time. The more I walk , the worse it gets. When it came time for convention in Utah , I was really debating if I should even go. Day one was not good! I was just limping along and my husband and daughter were always looking for places for me to sit and rest. The next day in the vendor area we came to your booth. I was asked if I had any pain or swelling at the moment. Of course my answer was YES!!! She put a little tattoo-like sticker on my knee and said “try this”. We walked the length of the next two booths and MY PAIN WAS GONE! I went back , bought a bracelet , and what a difference that made for me. The next two days of convention my husband and daughters could not keep up with me. They kept telling me to slow down. It has been four months now and I am still pain free.

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