Karen Olejniczak, Founder

Over the past 15 years I have been seeking out ways to live a healthier lifestyle…for both me and my family.  In this quest, I have come to one major conclusion…with lifestyle changes we can live a healthy, abundant, pain-free life.  There is so much of this that is in our control by the daily choices we make.  

According to my orthopedic surgeon I was blessed with oblong femoral heads…as the years went by…the cartilage in my hips wore away and I was living with hip joints that were completely bone on bone.  Living with chronic pain, one has to deal with just as much emotional turmoil as they do physical pain.  Some days you are just tired of dealing with it all!  When every step you take hurts and you have lost all flexibility, it is time for a change. At 41, I was not mentally ready for a double hip replacement.  The alternative…cortizone shots.  Something I never wanted to do.

Where it all started… Our initial concept sketches.

It was about the same time when I was introduced to frequency bracelets.  It was at a vendor event.  I was walking around the different booths when a sign caught my eye about “dealing with pain.”  Of course, when you live it everyday…you are willing to try just about anything.  By this time not only were my hips locking up…my gait was completely off for overcompensating my step, therefore, my lower back was on fire 80% of the time.  I stopped, I listened, I did the muscle tests, I asked a lot of questions, and walked away with a bracelet on my wrist and a couple in my pocket to give to friends.  Lower back pain…almost gone.  I remember thinking, “This is absolutely CRAZY!”  But when I woke up the next morning…my back was still feeling better.  It didn’t seem to be the “placebo effect” that we often hear about.

Steve & Karen Olejniczak, Founders

For the next few years, along with wearing my bracelet, I dug into living an all around healthier lifestyle…working out, teaching fitness classes, eating clean, using essential oils, drinking my water…anything I could do to regain the flexibility and mobility that seemed to vanish a little each new day.  The bracelet helped with my everyday pain and inflammation, but it didn’t replace the cartilage in my hips.  March 31, 2014…left total hip replacement…April 2, 2014…right total hip replacement.  It finally caught up to me, at 46 years old I joined the “hipster club.”  I now had two brand new titanium hips that would probably out live me!

Here is what I learned from living with chronic pain for all those years…it was real… and I allowed it to steal my joy.  I allowed it to break me emotionally.  I allowed it to dictate the activities in my life for a long period of time.  If there is ANYTHING I can do to help people living with pain, living with sadness, living a lifestyle that isn’t what they love…in a body that hurts…I WANT TO DO THAT!~

Our very first logo concept sketch.

A bracelet…imprinted with 7.83Hz frequency…Fun, beautiful, edgy, sophisticated, simple, traditional, trendy, “hip-classic”, sterling silver jewelry imprinted with 7.83Hz frequency.  Hand crafted, braided leather bracelets imprinted with 7.83 frequency.  Silicone bracelets for anyone…any age, any size..imprinted with 7.83 frequency.  Yep…it is time.  Time to start sharing about the product and praying that others will have the same results I had eight years ago.

People will question the product…I am aware…they will question the validity of the research behind it…I am still aware…the one thing they can not question are the results that I personally had.  The freedom from pain that I experienced 10 years ago was just as real as the chronic pain I had lived with for a very long time.  You have nothing to lose…an incredible piece of jewelry that could help you live your best life in the body you love…what are you waiting for?

The word, “LIFE” has come to stand for Living In Freedom Everyday….it can also be Living In Faith Everyday.  I believe each one of us should be waking up every day with that impeccable joy in our hearts.  I believe if we “feel” good physically:  have freedom from inflammation, freedom from aches and pain, freedom from exhaustion, there is more freedom in both our emotional and spiritual lives.  Then…we can truly live our best life…in the body we love…living out God’s purpose in our life.

Blessings and Peace!

“My only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me.”  Acts 20:24




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